As human beings are social animals, friendship is an essential part of life.

"Guess what happened to me today!" "Don't tell me; you found a coin on the ground." "Yes! How did you know?" "That's what you always tell me after you say that."

Everyone knew the song.

I feel like I should say something, but I don't know what.

This is just like the one I used to have.


I knew her the instant I saw her.

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The word before his name should be underlined.

How could you not say something?

I followed the recipe.

It's been snowing.

When the cat's away the mice will play.

They searched here and there looking for survivors.

I don't want to do anything tonight.

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Diana said it took him a little while to get used to doing this.


Do you really think Carolyn is a spy?

There are many people in Asia.

I don't know how Marnix talked you into it.

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We'll find a place of our own.


I've been sitting here all night.

Jeffrey moved here a few months ago from Boston.

I can't even remember my own name.

The science teacher gave Myron an A.

I don't have many opportunities to swim.

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We must take care that we don't go too near to the fairy's castle.


I had to get out of Boston quickly.


You know we owe him a lot.


That's a change.

She can't have written it herself.

We went to Sydney yesterday.

Shawn seemed to know everything.

Tomorrow is when I get paid.


Blake and Shean plan to be together for the rest of their lives.

Distant things look blurred.

She was wearing a black hat.

The professor treated her as one of his students.

The two are not in the same category.

Sit still.

It's not cold.

Marty will soon know the truth.

I got a flat tire on my way home.

"Heart" and "choir" have the same pronunciation.

Gregg stepped away from the window.

He has many enthusiastic supporters.

I brought up two kids all on my own.

It was foolish of him to trespass against the law.

I wonder what I should do today.

Pravin ate the bread.

Do in Rome as the Romans do.

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We have the same dentist.

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You were the only person who talked to Theo.

It's too late for that now.

What really happened between Claudia and Jean-Pierre?

Sometimes, doing the wrong thing is the right thing.

Everybody is here.


You as well, child.

I love astronomy.

Would you please tell this gentleman who I am?

The boy pays visit to his grandmother.

That emir is very rich.

I'll give you a ride back to the office.

When Collin was a kid, the only book in the house was a Bible.

Duck your head.

You think I'm wrong, don't you?

We should go back to the ship.

Ken lighted the candles.

Cookie is under 5 years old.

In science class, we drew pictures of cells.

That's outstanding.

How dare you do that to them?

Such languages as French, Italian and Spanish come from Latin.

I have a few friends to talk for a long time on the phone with.


Bud eats a lot of Chinese food.


Here is a million hugs.

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I don't ever want us to be apart.


Shutoku is not trustworthy.

Some dairy farmers play soothing music to their cows while they are being milked, because relaxed, contented cows give more milk.

In this city, there are three beauty salons.


I think she'll succeed.


Donna had a date for Valentine's Day.

You won't miss it.

I believe I am in the right.

He wanted me to lie.

His opinion will probably be accepted.

Will it happen again?

I had to find another solution.

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Rajiv told me it was none of my business.


I'd like to see Sjouke first.

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Shouldn't you rest now?

You must take care of the dog.

At sunset, the crickets begin to chirp and the fireflies light up the night.

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He ran so fast that they couldn't catch up with him.

Do you wear those shoes often?

I think I have a pretty good idea.

Our long vacation has passed all too soon.

I want this luggage taken to my room at once.

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What's the difference between a winner and a loser?

Your speech was splendid.

I'll pay extra.

We should discuss that.

Are you absolutely sure of that?


You should try to see it.


How do you normally do this?

Blair, what happened? Why are you crying?

We can't save everyone.

I must admit that it was my fault.

Are you safe?


I'll run it by Pilar.

I was really, really disappointed.

Who will not write an essay?


She loves me and I love her too.

He knows how to waste his time.

I don't know any French.


She couldn't fall asleep because she was thinking about him.


Somebody came to see me while I was out.


Judy put his notes back into his briefcase.

They started to sell a new type of car in Tokyo.

Enough jawboning! Why can't politicians just be honest?

You have such good friends.

I'm just going to put these flowers in some water.

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These rights are inalienable.

There were two pies.

We're proud of you.

Carol visited Boston last month.

Can you see the gopher? No? Neither can I. But he's here!

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When Scrooge awoke, it was so dark, that looking out of bed, he could scarcely distinguish the transparent window from the opaque walls of his chamber.

I did everything I could. Now it's your turn to contribute what you can.

She doesn't really believe that nonsense, does she?

I like taking walks in the woods.

Could I trouble you with something?

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Jisheng asked Oleg where he should put his suitcase.

I like to go to a local jazz club where I can enjoy live music.

The factory waste gave rise to serious environmental pollution.


The last time I saw Hohn he was eating an apple.

I nearly forgot it.

The doctor would not take any gifts from the poor.

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We arrived two days ago.

The police arrested two men and two women.

Everyone likes you.

Izumi might've eaten on his way home.

I want you guys to meet Daniel.

I work on that side of town.

What a sad story!

John belongs to the swimming club.

As for myself, I'm pretty irresponsible, like most other humans.

Did you just realize that?

At night, Mott could see the stars through the window next to her bed.

She should know better at her age.

He was kicked out of the house.

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You wouldn't be in trouble now if you hadn't got involved in the first place.


Everything is just beginning.


That's so nice.

Nate is very unscrupulous.

I know how to make her talk.

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Shean may have had a fight with Travis.

Sofia is not mad at Wendell.

Valerie had a crush on Emil when he was in junior high school.


Larry sat patiently in his chair, waiting for Kay.